Country Fayre

St Asaph Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of St Asaph will not be holding the annual Country Fayre this year (2019).  After seven successful years, we have decided to look for a new challenge, and to hopefully find another charity to work in partnership with on a new venture.  We're open to suggestions if anybody out there has a project that they would like some help with.  We bring a wealth of experience, and would love to work in partnership with anybody out there that either has an existing event/project, or if you are trying to launch a new project, event, etc..  

Please contact the Club Secretary : Tony Dean, on 07766130583 or email  or alternatively you can send us a message, or suggestions via our Facebook page :

We would like to thank all our volunteers, Friends of Rotary, other Rotary Clubs, and all the charities, entertainers, and traders who have supported the event over the last seven years.  

Over £23,000 has been raised through this event for charity by the Rotary Club alone, and much more raised by the stall-holding charities and traders that have attended the seven fayres throughout the years.  Fund raising wasn't the only reason for holding the event, let's not forget the fact that it has brought the local community together for the day, and we also successfully recruited some new members to the St Asaph Rotary Club through meeting for the first time at the fayre.  

We're currently recruiting new members, so do contact us if you are interested in learning more about the wonderful benefits of being a member of the Rotary organisation on : Tony Dean, on 07766130583 or email